Ocean Scenes in Watercolor: NEW!

Are you a beach lover?  If so, you probably have many photos of beach life, waves, dunes, and sunbathers. Bring your vacation photos to this one-day workshop, and we will turn your photos into beautiful watercolor paintings!  The class will include demonstrations, one-on-one help, and a colored worksheet to take home. You will go home with at least one completed, matted painting.  

Location:  Augusta County Government Center, Verona
Date: Saturday, August 12
Time: 10 am - 3 pm
Cost: $75; materials provided.
Experience: Beginner to advanced
Register: www.co.augusta.va, or call (540)245-5732

Better Watercolor Paintings with a Limited Palette: NEW!

Want to improve your paintings?  This class will put you on the fast track to better paintings. Painting with a limited palette will make your paintings more unified, improve your ability to mix any color you desire, and simplify your methods.  

We will start with the basics of color terms, theory, and mixing techniques.  We will then learn how to choose colors that work for your painting, making sure they mix well and yield a wide range of colors.  Peg will demonstrate how to start a painting with a limited palette, and then carry it through to a cohesive end.  You will be amazed when you see how beautiful a painting can be when it is painted with two, three, or five colors!  Most students will leave the workshop with at least one completed painting!  This class includes: demonstrations, a colored worksheet to take home, and individual help.  A materials list will be available.  Please bring references, such as photos, a sketchbook, drawings, thumbnails, etc.  The subject matter is your choice.  

Location: Shenandoah Valley Art Center, Waynesboro
Date: Tuesday, August 22
Time: 10 am - 3 pm
Cost: $80
Experience: Students should have some experience in watercolor painting
Register: Students may register through me.  Go to the page "Registration Form SVAC" on this website.  Print it out, fill it in, and mail it by August 15, with a check for $80, to:
 Peg Sheridan
201 Hunters Lane
Staunton VA 24401

Exploring Watercolor Techniques: NEW!

If you are looking for inspiration, and to better understand the watercolor medium, this is the class for you!  Join us for an adventure into various ways to paint with watercolors.  We will experiment with various techniques, such as: wet-in-wet, pouring paint, negative painting, ways to add texture, working on gessoed paper, and other topics, as the class dictates.  I will do weekly demos, and then help each student individually.  Weekly "homework" will help you to see rapid improvement!

Location:Larkin Arts, 61 Court Square, Harrisonburg
Dates: Tuesday evenings, October 17-Nov. 21
Cost: $165
Experience: all levels welcome
Register: www.larkinarts.com, or call (540)236-4223

Abstract Acrylics: NEW workshop!

Join us for a fun day of painting your own unique acrylic painting.  I will teach the basics of painting with acrylics, along with designing a good abstract painting.  Most students will complete two paintings in this one day workshop!

Bring photos if you like, especially shapes and colors that inspire you.  Bring your own acrylic supplies (a list will be sent), and two canvases (size and shape of your choice), and pay $60.  Or, if you are new to acrylics and want me to bring off of your materials, let me know by Oct. 8 and pay $80 (member) or $95  (nonmember). 

Location: Edinburg Mill, 214 South Main St., Edinburg, VA
Date: Saturday, October 21
Time: 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 pm
Cost: $60 VECCA member, $75 nonmember (or $80 or $95, materials provided).  
Register: by Oct. 8, check payable to VECCA.  Send to: Barbara Randel, 1929 Ridge Hollow Rd. Edinburg, VA

Learning from the Masters in Watercolor: NEW!
Note: only one spot is left in this class, as of 7/30/17!

During weekly lessons, you will study the designs, methods, and inspirations of master watercolorists, and thereby learn to enhance your own paintings. You will choose one watercolor painting by a master to copy, to better understand his or her process.  The other lessons will involve studying what made other masters' watercolors successful, practicing their techniques, and using that to paint what inspires you.  I will start the sessions with a brief summary of some of the artists who shaped watercolor painting, including Georgia O'Keefe, Andrew Wyeth, John Marin, John Singer Sargent, and others.  Peg will offer students detailed critiques and one-on-one assistance.

Location: Beverley Street Studio School, Staunton, Van der Veer studio
Dates: Mondays, October 23-November 27
Time: 9:30am -12 pm 
Cost: Members $165; Non-members $195
Experience: Beginner to Intermediate
Register: www.bssschool.org, or call (540)886-8636


Classes Offered August through November
2017 (more fall classes will be posted soon!)

Watercolor Materials List:

Paper: I insist on Arches 140 lb. cold press watercolor paper for classes and workshops. It is not possible to do what I am teaching on cheap paper. At least 4 half sheets for a six-week class.  For a workshop, bring at least two half sheets.  The back of old paintings are always fine to use.  Several small pieces of "scrap" watercolor paper (old paintings, etc) to test colors and practice on.   Contact me if you need paper; if you notify me 2 weeks in advance I will bring a full sheet for you for $6.

Brushes: An assortment of rounds and flats, including: a 1" flat, a large round (8 to 12 or more), a 1 1/2 inch or 2 inch flat, and a liner (with long, thin bristles) if you have one. Also bring a Fritch Scrubber if you have one, or an old stubby bristle brush.

Palette: A covered palette is best, but if you don't have one bring two large white or clear plastic plates or something you can mix paint in for washes.  You need a well in the middle to mix up puddles of paint.  I recommend the Robert E. Wood palette.

Paints: Whatever paints you have are probably fine, but be sure to bring a yellow, a red, a blue, and some colors you can use to mix up darks.  

A large water container, paper towels, a board (even a piece of wood or foam core is fine), and something to raise up one end of the board (a block of wood, a table easel, etc.)  

A pencil, a sketchbook or white paper, an apron if you want, problem watercolors if you would like me to help you with them.  Also references: drawings or photos of things that interest you, preferably with lights and darks and mid-values.

Note: If you are wondering about supplies, you are welcome to call me, at (540)886-2177.  Also, I offer a "Beginner Kit" with paper, paint, brushes and paper, for $40 (let me know at least 2 weeks before the class is offered!).  If you are lacking something else, let me know and I will see if I have extras.
Recent testimonials from some of my spring students:
"The enjoyment of watercolor painting is enhanced by Peg's enthusiasm and professionalism.  Each class gets better and better - so much fun!

"Peg is the most positive, enthusiastic teacher I've had! She always encourages what's good but also offers suggestions for improvement!"

"Peg is such a great teacher.  She always has examples to show, demonstrations, and time to give individual help.  She is genuine, enthusiastic, and encouraging. I really enjoyed this class."

"If you want a watercolor instructor who teaches "no fear" painting techniques with expertise and encouragement, Peg is first choice!"

​All of the paintings on this page are student work!